For the first favorite Friday back on the blog I chose someone who I think seriously just rocks my world. Nicole Ashley is not only a super star behind the lens but is also a great friend. Why do I love Nicole’s work so much? Well for one, us Nicole’s have to stick together. And […]

  I was so excited when Megan asked me to document her adorable belly. Megan and I go way back to high school and softball days. We met up at a beautiful fall park in Medicine Hat. When I first saw her, she looked stunning. Her hair looked amazing and she had a beautiful glow […]

  Oh the Streifel family. How they mean the world to me. I met Cory and Ruth when I was ohhhhh probably 20 or something. I was working at the Totem Building Supplies in Medicine Hat. Cory and Ruth were building a house and I happened to be their favorite cashier. From that day on […]

My experience with CIO sleep training. I thought I would start by saying that I am not pro or against CIO. It was never something that I over-looked into, scared myself silly, or thought anything of. I try and take this whole being a MOM thing one day at a time and I try to […]

When Rai-lyn asked me to do her family photos in Medicine Hat, I was super excited. Two amazing little boys. Now that I have a boy of my own I find it fascinating watching other little boys grow and play. Not to mention I was in love with the names they chose for theirs, Kingston and […]