Every couple has to make that decision on what to go with for a cake. Do they do something fancy. White or chocolate? Or do they go with cupcakes? I have just the girl to help you out! Ann Yankowsky with Style Cakes is absolutely breathtaking. I just love her work. Check it out! About […]

One thing I absolutely love about this girl is the way she puts such a soft beauty on anything she touches. Here is a little bit about one of my favorite wedding designer and stylists.  Stacey Foley, Owner and Lead Designer of JoyFoley Weddings JoyFoley Weddings is a wedding planning and design boutique specializing in […]

For the first favorite Friday back on the blog I chose someone who I think seriously just rocks my world. Nicole Ashley is not only a super star behind the lens but is also a great friend. Why do I love Nicole’s work so much? Well for one, us Nicole’s have to stick together. And […]

Anyone that follows my work knows that the majority of my photography is shooting beautiful weddings. There are so many parts in a wedding day that I absolutely love. Seeing the girls in their p.j’s, the bride putting her dress on, of course formals, and the father daughter dance. But one of my personal favourites, […]

This one is kind of on a personal note.  Mushy feelings, that sort of thing! Yesturday I put up a post on my facebook page asking who out there that follows my work were photographers. I get up this morning to find out that there were over 40 posts on my page. All from great […]