I have been working with, and following Nicole for a few years now. When Ryan and I got engaged, we knew instantly that she was a perfect fit for us. Picking a photographer is very personal. Everyone favours different editing styles, but it goes beyond that. When you hire a photographer, you need to trust […]

¬†One lovely spring day when I was looking to let out my creative side and shoot something for me, I planned a small styled bridal shoot with some local talent. I had this vision of green grass and gardens and sunlight. Airy and romantic. The morning of, I just knew this wasn’t going to go […]

This post is completely and utterly selfish but I wanted to write it anyway. It’s my blog I can do what I want right?! Photographers work their butts off but a big thing about being a photographer is that we are introverts in the best way of the word. We spend a ton of our […]

I first herd about Nicole through friends and after looking into her work I was immediately in love. When my son was six months old I decided to have photos taken and went strait to Nicole. She was amazing to work with and so good with my son. I was so impressed with the photos […]

I honestly do not know where to start with this wedding. How about a little back story. Every client of mine is my client. Yes, I am selfish like that. But what I mean is that they were meant for me and I was meant for them.¬†Whether it be our personalities, or the style and […]