I came in 10th place for this photo below and I was blown away. Although I had high hopes for this one. I mean they got in a canoe in the middle of Emerald Lake and she was still even wearing her heels! I think it’s pretty cool that both top 100 photos […]

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I always had this vision of having a wedding photographers office space. A place I could bring my clients, and hopeful clients, to in the comfort of my own home. Somewhere I am in my element surrounded by the things I love and my work. I mentioned back in October that I was transforming my […]

Nicole was one of the very first people I spoke with about our wedding day. After booking our venue at the Country Lodge she was the next person I knew I had to lock down for the big day. I had first discovered Nicole on Facebook and had seen a couple other weddings she had […]

If you’re like me at all, you take WAY too many photos. I’m talking at least one Iphone photo a day (that adds up to be at least 365 a year just on your phone). And then there is the big girl camera that comes out for special events, or in my case, whenever my […]