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Danna and I met about 2 years ago. From the day we first started talking, it was magic. Together we come up with great ideas and put them on paper with ease. We have done a couples session, boudoir, intimate, creative, and now this. I cannot even tell you what type of session I would call this. RAW-might be the best name for it.

I told myself that I was taking this winter off. Well, we all know that is impossible to do. I think what I really meant was that I was taking the winter off from client requests. I decided it was going to be about me. Just me…I am going to be selfish and do things just for me. So I put my creative thinking cap on again and the ideas just started flowing. I knew that over the winter I wanted to test myself and to try things I would never do. Danna, and where she was in her life, was a perfect fit for what I had in mind.

I called Danna up and said, “dark, I need you to pull of dark and rock it!” Well she was floored, but in a good way. This was exactly what she needed. So she picked up candles, love letters and photos. I explained what I wanted for an outfit and she made it happen. She even came over to my house so I could do her makeup for her (I think I’ll stick to photography 🙂 )We headed out looking for a location a fellow photographer shared with me. Well on our way I spotted something out of the corner of my eye that was beyond perfect. We pulled over to this gloomy, run down house, in the middle of nowhere. Thank goodness Shawn was with us. It was really scary, then again Danna and I are the biggest babies around. But it was absolutely perfect! We lit candles, burned our love letters and got settled in. Throughout the session we got beautiful photos, but that wasn’t what I was set out to do. I wanted emotion, I wanted what everyone says I am good at to come through my photos. FEELINGS; REAL FEELINGS. So, Shawn went and got some snow from outside, rubbed it on Dannas face and said,”this is up to you now. In order for this next set to be successful, it’s up to you!”

Which takes me to my Facebook post;

Sometimes in our lives things happen that change us forever. Whether it be a loss of a loved one, a broken relationship, or simply a change of heart. Things happen, and I am a true believer that they happen for a reason. What we do with those moments is what molds us for our future. Embrace it, grow and learn.

Here is a small peek at what we got up to. I couldn’t be happier with how things turned out. Thank you Danna for suffering the cold, and laying in some insane grossness. Thank you to my husband for joining us on our journey. I stepped outside my element and comfort zone on this album.

Hope you enjoy!

P.S. I don’t normally post this many photos from a creative session, but I simply could not choose. There was some sort of emotion in every single one of them that I just adored.

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I absolutely love this photo. I think her eyes say it allThis was exactly what I wanted. Hurt, anger,broken! She did it better than I expectedPerfect Danna! Perfect!


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