Relocating? But What About Edmonton?

There has been some talk about NC Photography relocating. Yes, this is true. For those of you that missed my post on that, we are moving to be closer to my family (back in Medicine Hat.) We are hoping to start our own little family soon and being close to family is so important to us.

Our hopes are to move around September of 2012 to Calgary, or around Calgary.

What does this mean for Edmonton? IT DOESN’T CHANGE A THING. I will still be booking here, I will stay have boudoir marathons here and will absolutely still be shooting weddings here.  I haven’t lived in Medicine Hat for 4 years, but still shoot a ton down there. The same will go for Edmonton. I already have 3 Edmonton weddings booked for 2013, so I will be back!

So a friendly reminder that we still have 2012 dates open and we have started booking 2013 as well. Please share this with anyone looking!


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