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We met up with Pat and Ainsley in October of 2010. This was actually the first time Shawn came on a session with me. It was so nice to finally meet them. Ainsley and I had been planning their engagement session for what seemed like forever. We had so much fun that day, I could not wait until the wedding which was SO far away still.

February 18, 2012 comes around and it is everything I could have imagined. A beautiful winter day in the mountains. The sun was shining and the bride was glowing. The minute we walked into the hotel room my breath was taken away by how amazing Ainsley looked. Her whispy blonde locks falling in her face and her beautiful glowing skin. She radiated what every bride should on their wedding day.

There were a ton of great things about this day. I actually had yet to shoot a wedding in the mountains, so I simply was excited about that all on it’s own. A few weeks before the wedding I checked out the website Ainsley had made (tip for brides a wedding website is an awesome way to share the details of your wedding) and realised that a friend of mine from high school, yes 10 years ago, was in the wedding party. This was also very exciting for me and made me extremely nervous. And then there was all of the fabulous vendors we got to work with. Snap Weddings were there as vidoegraphers, Mary with Lavish-Wedding Planning and Design  was there making the place spectacular. We were also surrounded by a live band and great venues.

 It was all around a great day.

Of course, much like any winter wedding, there were some bumps along the way. Pat was so cold he was literally turning purple. This is where the album title comes from. Ainsley was such a trooper the entire time. She stayed outside for all of the formals, didn’t even warm up once. As I felt very sad for Pat, and his purple hands, these were the words out of Ainsleys mouth. “Well look at him, he isn’t the biggest guy. I should have saved all the fat I lost and put it in a margarine container and thrown it on him.

Can’t believe it’s not butter!”

*insert Shawn and I hysterically laughing* 

This was just the beginning of Shawn and I bursting into laughter. Later that night, Ainsley missed out on Shawn and I at it again.This should be the first time she hears about it actually.  We set up our first photobooth this year. Behind the backdrop there were some extra tables stored away. They had a table cloth on them so all you could see was a white cloth to the floor. Shawn and I are working away, shooting some fun at the booth, when we hear, “Ainsley….Ainsley come on out, I know you are in there!” The sound was coming from a very old lady, who apparently thought Ainsley was playing hide and go seek. I look over where she is looking, and look back at her,look over where she is looking and look back at her again. I glance to Shawn, we both burst out laughing. She thought that the cloth that she was seeing behind the backdrop was the bottom of Ainsleys dress.

It was absolutely hilarious!

Anyway, I could go on forever about this wedding. It was full of laughs, memories, and good times.

Congratulations Ainsley & Pat!

Thank you for having us! Oh and thank you for the amazing review and making this photographer cry!

Every bride is absolutely stunning to me, but there is something I adore about a blonde bride
The natural light in this room was to die for

Both of these were captured by Shawn as my second shooter and they are my favourite images ever captured
Ainsley & Pat had a “first look” wedding. It was adorable***SWOON***LOVED the RRMary, with Lavish, did an amazing job at decorating the placeThe epitome of LOVE

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