How do I put into words how grateful I am!?! Feb 18,2012 Bride

How do I put into words how grateful I am!?!
I waited twenty one months for the big day. For the record…that is a long time! That entire time I stalked your FB page, excited to see your next post, whether it be a wedding, engagement session or whatever other project you may have been up to. I read all your blogs, which by the way were very informative, and admired your work. My wedding was forever away but you still emailed me regularly. I felt like you were almost as excited as I was for my wedding day. That goes beyond being a photographer and why you have such a large fan base. You have a knack for developing a close relationship with your clients, making them feel like your they’re friends and they’re important to you. That personal connection made it easy to convey my thoughts, ideas, visions and voice any questions or concerns I had. I appreciated your quick responses to all my emails…and there were many. Lol.

After waiting an eternity, my wedding day came and went with a blink of an eye. It was a jam packed day, so many things happened in a such small time frame. February in the mountains means few hours of daylight (check) and sub zero temperatures (double check). The church was tiny and the reception was busy. To make a busy day busier toss a photo booth into the mix (which I hope is something you guys enjoyed doing and continue to offer. The guests loved it and the pictures were hilarious!). You and Shawn worked your butts off and you did it beautifully. The two of you make a great team and compliment each other well.

The pictures you have posted are more than I could have imagined!! A few of them had me bawling! I was just so taken back at what you had captured. Those were such REAL moments and they caused an overwhelming flood of emotions 
You wouldn’t believe how many friends and family are completely stunned with the pictures you’ve posted. They are amazed with your work, as am I. Over the past couple weeks, a few of us have become FB junkies waiting more pictures to be posted ( I try to wait a little bit before commenting on new pic’s so I don’t look crazy! Lol).

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not one shower to anyone with compliments but I had super high expectations and you far surpassed them all. I’m not sure you entirely understand the gift you give people. It’s incredible. In every one of your pictures you can almost go back in time and REALLY relive the moment. That is amazing and soooo special.

You should be very proud of your talent and successes. I’ve followed you for quite some time now and I think I speak for many of your long time fans when I say ‘Look how far you’ve come Girl!!’
I wish you a lifetime of success and happiness!! A big thank you to both you and Shawn for being a part of and making my wedding day so special 


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