Destination Wedding Photographer |It’s Raining Sideways|

I completely thought I had already blogged this session, so I apologize for the delay.

We are crazy. I think that pretty much sums up this session…or at least the title of this blog does.

6am comes around. We meet up in the lobby and are ready to go. We head through the resort and all is looking great. I can see a bit of pink coming from the sun rising so I am getting super excited. We walk around the corner to go outside and it is pouring. When I say pouring, I mean pouring. But it was nothing compared to what we were getting ourselves into.

So we waited it out, who knows maybe things will change. And they did…momentarily.

So we got some great shots with a stormy sky and some crashing waves.

And then IT happened.

Torrential downpour. I’m talking no time to head for cover. It was literally raining sideways.

Yes for all of you that follow my page, this was the session that killed our baby Mark III. We didn’t know it at the time but everything was getting a little foggy. We tried again but no such luck the rain just wouldn’t let up.

We decided to try again the next morning. Got up bright and early and things were looking good. Not a cloud in sight…which for a photographer can actually be terrifying. I hate direct sun and a bright sky. The light was challenging for us as it kept changing every 5 seconds. But we headed to the beach and powered through it.

So, here is a mix of the shots we got between the two sessions. Being one man down (our Mark III) it was a bummer but we still managed to get some great shots.

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