Edmonton Wedding Photographer Jaclynn & John {Engaged}

Did I mention how much I love fall yet?

Just look at the amazing colors in this Edmonton engagement session.

The minute I first opened my email from Jaclynn I just knew we were a perfect fit. She is kind, bubbly and soft spoken.

Being in Medicine Hat at the time almost all of my clients booked me without even meeting me. I cannot tell you how honored that makes me feel. Yes, it is important to meet your photographer before you book them, but with how crazy my life has been over the years, I actually have very rarely met my clients before they book me. I am so lucky that people trust in me and have gotten to know me through social media.

Anyway, since we haven’t met I always find the engagement session, the initial meet up, always awkward haha. I am looking at every couple that pulls up to the location and wondering if that is them. I mean you can look on my page and see what I look like, but I am left guessing. It’s kind of fun actually but I probably look like such a weirdo sitting in the park staring at people!

As soon as Jaclynn and John pulled up I crossed my fingers that they were there for me.

They are gorgeous and looked like such kind people.

Like everyone, they immediately told me how uncomfortable they were in front of the camera and that they had no idea what to do.

I am sure all photographers hear this all the time. And guess what?


Nobody is used to having a camera in their face, unless you are Brat Pitt that is.

If you have hired a photographer you trust that feeling should go away almost instantly.

Being comfortable in front of the camera might not be normal, but trusting that your photographer knows what to do is all that matters.

I absolutely adored this couple. So in love, so connected. And that cute little smile that Jaclynn has is just adorable.

I cannot wait for your Edmonton wedding this summer!



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