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One thing I was looking forward to after we moved back to Edmonton, was having stunning things at my fingertips.

Okay, that sounds terrible. But what I mean is the resources in a big city compared to a small city are just about unlimited. I mean come on, one step into home sense and it’s inspiration over load.

Anyway, I knew as soon as we got back to Edmonton that I just needed to shoot. No pressure. No money exchanged. Just shoot.

For me!

I do this a few times throughout the year every year. It rejuvenates me and gives me a little boost.

For this session I knew I wanted it to be the epitome of winter and to challenge me a bit.

I don’t shoot a ton in the winter. Okay, I hardly shoot at all. It’s been like this pretty much my whole photography career. I have no clue why, but I actually don’t mind it. I am a cold person down to the bone, so if I can stay bundled up and warm for a few months in between seasons, then I will take it. So shooting out in the knee deep snow is a challenge for me, not to mention my brave model.

It was freezing this day. I mean, bite your face off cold. We wrapped this shoot up in about 40 minutes. We stayed in one spot and made small movements.

It was quick and it was beautiful.

Another challenge I had for this session was the colour red.

Yes, that colour is a challenge to me. I absolutely do not like the colour red (unless it’s on your  choice of lipstick colour).

I don’t know what it is about it, it’s just my least favorite colour to wear, see and to shoot.

So when looking for inspiration and imagining everything I wanted this session to be, I knew red had to be a part of it. And it just happen to be my models favorite colour so it worked out perfect.

Jack’d Up Beauty Boutique absolutely made this what it was. She is amazing with that brush of hers and completely got the look I was going for. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for hair and makeup!

Anyway, long story short, we froze, we laughed and we had snot running down our face.

It was worth it!

Hair/ Makeup Jack’d Up Beauty Boutique

Concept Me

Model Marta Recinos-Melendez

https://www.facebook.com/EllanaBridals. For the handmade tulle skirt

https://www.facebook.com/CrushnCo for the jewelry

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