Edmonton Wedding Photographer {The Gordie Project}

Because sometimes I get lucky enough to join my passion with somebody else.

Stephanie Armstrong, an old and new client and a friend of mine, has started this wonderful project and asked me to be a part of it.

Thank you for sharing such an amazing thing with me.

Please head over to her page and support her wonderful cause.

Here is a bit about her vision and wonderful creation.

I came up with the idea of The Gordie Project a few months ago. Whenever there is something that I’m nervous or unsure about, I hover awkwardly around my fiancé until he asks me whats on my mind. I wash’t sure if my idea was good, or if I was crazy for even thinking it would work, but i blurted out to him “I think I want to make headpieces and sell them to raise money for brain cancer research”. He thought it was a great idea and that we could take it far. So, with his support, The Gordie Project was born.

The Gordie Project is a project is a way in which we are raising money for The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada. We will be donating the raised funds in my dad’s name on our wedding day, when he would have would have otherwise been walking me down the isle. His name was Gordon Preun and he lived with brain cancer for 11 years before he passed away in 2001. The Gordie Project is also a way to raise awareness for a relatively underserved devision of cancer and tumour research.

I knew right away that I needed good, professional photos to make this project a success and immediately sent a message to Nicole. She is my wedding photographer, but I now consider her a friend that I met thanks of her photography. Nicole enthusiastically agreed to help us and I was overjoyed.

My next step was to get some beautiful models to help me sell my headpieces. I chose two of my very best friends (both of whom are my future bridesmaids) to help me out. I am so thankful for the support and help they have both shown me right from the beginning.

All net proceeds from headpiece purchases will be donated and there is a donation only option on the website if you don’t have any use for a headpiece. Thank you for taking the time to read about my story, for looking at the beautiful photos that Nicole donated her valuable time to take for us, and for developing a better understanding about the cause.

Our website is: www.thegordieproject.wix.xom/headpieces

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