Edmonton Wedding Photographer {Ryan & Stephanie} Engaged

If there was ever a couple that had an intense connection, it is these two.

Holy Moly!!!

I met Steph A LONG time ago. We did a conceptual shoot together and a classy boudoir type session. The minute I met her I knew I just had to be there when Ryan finally popped the question. She had no choice but to hire me. Haha okay, only in my dreams would she choose me out of all of the fabulous Edmonton wedding photographers, but a girl can hope.

Steph emailed me one day saying he did it. He proposed. She hadn’t even announced it to everyone yet.

I always feel so special when couples tell me before announcing to the world. This is how I know we are a perfect fit. I get just as excited for their day as they do.

So when Steph started telling me her plans for her big day, I was doing everything I could do be there. But then things changed a bit (the date and location) but it seriously was just meant to me, and SHE CHOSE ME!

I cannot wait to be there while you walk down the aisle at Hotel McDonald next year. Holy man are you going to be one stunning bride. And yes, Ryan, you are incredibly handsome too!

But first we made a date to do their engagement photos. Oh man, was it a crazy day.

Rain. No rain. Rain. No rain.

Off and on for their entire session. We even had to call it quits because it just wasn’t going to stop. Thankfully, because of the amazing connection that they do have, we were able to get a ton of romantic shots for them. Thank you so much for sticking it out with me and dancing in the rain!


Love you guys!

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