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I had a lengthy conversation the other day with a fellow photographer about “styles” of photography. We threw out words like romantic, whimsical, and flirty. This got me thinking about how I see my own work and how I want others to see it.

To put a title on your own work is actually really hard, and vulnerable. You may see it one way, but you may also be portraying yourself another. In my opinion, I see my work as light, airy, and romantic. I look for the connections between people. Real connections, not posed ones. And yes, all my photos are posed but I believe the direction I give and the comfortable environment I create for my clients allows them to be themselves and get lost in  that “posed” moment.

So this is exactly what I wanted to do.

Being cooped up all winter has really gotten to me. I was losing desire and creativity and just needed to get out and shoot something for me. But if I was finally going to get out of my cave I wanted it to be good and special and mean something to me.

I wanted to do something that represented who I am as a photographer and what I offer. So here it is.

I am a natural light photographer that provides real connections. Connections that are genuine and true to you as a couple. Sexy, flirty, fun. romantic, whimsical, and real. I am a photographer that loves LOVE. This is who I am as a photographer and this session couldn’t have captured that any more.

It felt beyond AMAZING to get out and shoot again. I thought I had lost my love for LOVE…but there is no way that happened, or ever will. The minute I started planning this session with Ashley I was thrilled and the most excited I had been in a long time.

And then something happened.

She said she had to post pone…and then had to cancel…I was so upset (she was also so upset). I hadn’t been this excited about something in a long time.

But turns out she could make it work and everything was back on. And ya know what? Everything works out for a reason. The 2 days we were supposed to do it ended up being cloudy and super cold.  I knew I wanted to chase some light for this session so it was important to me to have that. It was +13 with a beautiful sunset when we ended up getting together.

It was perfect.

So I hope you enjoy a little piece of me. Thank you so much Ashley and Jeremy for being up for crazy ideas and literally having a pillow fight on the side of the hi-way. And of course thank you to my husband who was an awesome helper for this one. He was also very concerned about the mess we made (we did our best to clean up but I seriously had no idea there were that many feathers in one pillow)


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