Hey Mike, You Have a Hot Fiance! |Edmonton Engagement Photographer|

We met up with Jenn & Mike on a very windy night in Edmonton. But wouldn’t ya know it, the wind calmed down just long enough for our very cute engagement session. I have been talking with Jenn quite a bit since she booked for her 2012 wedding but I still had no vision in my mind what their engagement session was going to be like. I knew she wanted something very “fall like.” That I could do. So we headed down to my favourite location in Edmonton. I love it here so much because it almost feels like it isn’t actually in Edmonton. The leaves were orange and falling, and the ground was crunching beneath our shoes.

It was perfect.

The love that these two share is so adorable. Jenn has the cutest little laugh and Mike just adores it.Not to mention their difference in height is just so sweet!

I cannot wait for your beach wedding next year. It is going to be amazing.



I love this set of photos. Too cute these two areAhhhh love fall coloursAnd there they go again, laughing. They are so cute!Love
Had to end it off with some fun! Airplanes anyone?!

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