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Favourite Wedding Shot to Date!

I have a blast and enjoy myself so much at every wedding I do. But this one was special. It was my first wedding of the season shooting all by myself. My first wedding season I was a do it all alone type photographer. I thought I could be in all places at once and I was a magician. Okay, a little dramatic but it really is very hard to be in two places at once. I always highly recommend having a second shooter. Kyler and Ashley really just didn’t want one. They had full confidence in me that I would be fine all on my own.

Needless to say, I was a little nervous.

Ashley and I have been talking pretty much daily since she booked me for her big day. But still I always do my itinerary check the night before the wedding. As I was reading about their day I came across the size of their wedding party…22! I remember talking to Ashley and hearing that she had a part of 10…ya on each side. *Insert palm to face here* So I had a challenge ahead of me. The salon was crazy with that many people in it but all of the girls were so so awesome and made me feel right at home. And then another surprise happened. I knew their wedding was outside, but I did not know it was on the edge of a cliff. SWOON! I was in love with this wedding, head to toe. Kyler always knew no matter where he got married, it needed to be on the edge of the cliff somewhere. It was all that was important to him, and of course to be marrying the love of his life. Ashley was the perfect fit.

As they walked hand in hand while we did their intimate formal photos, I mentioned that Ashley looked so stunning and maybe had a hint of Marilyn Monroe. Kyler looked and me and said,

“Nah, Ashley is more beautiful!”

Thank you both for sharing your most amazing day with me. It seriously was the best from start to finish. Your friends and family were fabulous, I loved every minute of it.

Thank you




There are more than usual for photos here as I just could not decide


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