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Meet Darrell & Courtney. They are a very special couple to me. Why? If you remember a blog I posted back in December about a sneaky proposal session, well this is the couple.

Courtney and I have been planning this session since the day she found out I was hiding in the bushes that day. She actually wanted to book two engagement sessions just so she could do one sooner. I told her she was crazy and that patience will pay off.

Well it did.

I have always wanted to do a session like this one, for almost 2 years now actually, but I knew if I did it I needed to do it 100% and it had to be perfect. So I put it on hold a few times but I knew when I met Darrell & Courtney that they were perfect for it. When we started planning their engagement session we immediately knew there was no better place to do it than their land, also the same place he proposed and where their wedding ceremony will be held. You know me, I love personal things. This was absolutely perfect.

As Courtney and I planned for the day, everything literally fell into place. I would ask her if she had something, like cute blankets, and she would send me a photo of fabulous ones she had. Then I asked if she happen to have some books laying around, she sent me a photos of tons of books. One day I happen to like an amazing blog ( I would link it here but I honestly cannot remember what it was) and Courtney liked the idea of it so we made that happen too. Basically Courtney is my dream bride. She listens to my vision, gets just as excited as I am, and helps me plan for the day.

She is amazing.

So we headed out there on a beautiful Sunday morning and began setting up.With a few bumps on the way, things lined up better than we had expected. When we were done setting up, before we started shooting, I looked around and could have cried.

My vision was real, it was in plain site right in front of me.

I was in awe.

Once we started shooting, Courtney and Darrell were just great. They held each other, and laughed a ton. Just what I love in my couples.

I cannot wait for their big day and feel so blessed to be part of their lives and this amazing story.

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