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I do not even know where to start when it comes to Taylor and Stephanie. They are a wonderful couple and such characters.

I met with Taylor and Stephanie a long time ago to talk about their big day. Let me just explain how a normal consultation with me goes. All the time it is the bride for sure. Sometimes the groom comes, but often can’t make it. All the time the bride has a vision, has looked at my page a number of times, and has a plan for her day and what she wants out of her photos. The groom…usually not so much.

Not for Taylor and Stephanie.

I think Steph said 2 words while Taylor said everything else. We sat there for a good 2 hours talking about everything photography. What if we need to shoot indoors?Do we get a say on the poses? Ect Ect!

Let me just tell you, he made me a little nervous. But the more I thought about it, the happier I was. Here was a guy that actually cared about what I was doing at his wedding. He cared about what decision Steph made in this area, and it felt awesome. I was so happy that Taylor took an interest in me and what I do. I was even more happy to hear that he probably spends more time on my page then Steph does.

So with that being said, they booked me, and I couldn’t ¬†be happier.

Steph and I talk from time to time planning their engagement session. We had picked a day, and were set to go. Well Alberta weather had other plans for us, so we post poned, and so glad we did. We had perfect weather, and yet again, the minute I put away my camera the rain came. I have this magic way with the rain (knock on wood).

So we met up one night in the middle of nowhere and started shooting.


I was simply amazed. I knew Taylor cared and wanted the best photos he could possibly get, but man this guy was amazing. I swear, I am going to take him to every single session I do going forward. The way he held Steph. The way he brushed the hair from her face, and the way he made all her nerves go away was fabulous. He is everything a photographer wants in front of the camera. I could tell that Steph was a bit nervous, but Taylor wouldn’t have that. He took away all her nerves and showed us her true beauty. And let me tell you, Steph is stunning!

It was perfect, and something so amazing to watch.

I don’t know how many times I told Taylor I loved him. Yes my husband was there, and yes Stephanie laughed! But seriously, I love this guy.

I cannot wait to get these two in front of my camera again on their wedding day. As you know, I have this obsession with blonde brides, well Steph you are going to be one amazingly beautiful blonde bride!


I absolutely love this!Haha always time for rolling around in the grass

This is where Meet Me After Math Class comes in…

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