I saw it , loved it and knew she had to be my photographer !!!!!!!!!!

I first heard about Nicole ( nc photography ) through a friend of mine in Edmonton . She told me to check out her work !!  I immediately went to the computer and added her page on facebook. I spent all night looking at her pictures and her web page ; I knew I had to have her !!! I emailed Nicole amd received a response within minutes ! We emailed back and forth for a few months and she always responded quickly . I first met with Nicole 12 months before my wedding (  July  2011 ) . I knew exactly what I wanted for my wedding and I think Nicole was a little shocked at how little questions I asked her ! LOL    I basically told Nicole I wanted to book her within 5 minutes of meeting her .
Nicole s work is truly amazing . I saw it , loved it and knew she had to be my photographer !!!!!!!!!!
I had a chance to work with Nicole before the wedding ; she did my boudoir pictures . I was so nervous when I got to the studio but Nicole made all that go away very quickly ! She is extremely professional and fun to be around at the same time . She warned me that I would be sore the next day and trust me I was ! Boudoir posses take a lot out of you lol.
My Boudoir pictures were supposed to be my wedding gift to my hubby , but once I saw them I couldnt wait ! I loved how gorgeous Nicole made me look ………….and so did he .
My wedding was July 1 2012 , when I woke up that day the weather was amazing .  Near the end of the ceremony it started to rain , but Nicole has amazing luck and brought back the sunshine for her to do what she does best .  When we saw our wedding pictures , my husband and I were so happy . Nicole got every shot that I asked her to take and many many more . Nicole is so talented and I would recommend her to anyone for any type of pictures you need taken .
Thanks again Nicole
kris and dic

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