Pioneer House Wedding Photos | Edmonton Photographer | Missy and Reggie

Reggie and Missy = the epitome of love.

I get the chance to meet a ton of couples. With this I get to see all different shades of love. Reggie and Missy have a special kind. One that people wish to find at one point in their lives. Missy is free spirited, kind, and soft spoken. But when this girl laughs, everyone has to join in and smile ear to ear. And Reggie, well he is the sweetest guy and man does he love Missy. At one point in the day, and trust me you will know what photo I am talking about, I asked him to kiss Missy all over. Apparently this is something he does often when he comes back from being out of town. He looks at her and says

I’m going to kiss the crap out of your face…and he does!

It was adorable. He loves Missy so much and you can just feel it when you are around the two of them.

Their wedding was stunning, with a little bit of rain for good-luck!

Thank you so much for having us, we wish you the best of luck.



Her adorable bridesmaids. Nicole was such a big help that day, THANK YOUGotta love a crying brideLove this moment Shawn caught with Missy and her Dad before the ceremonyLoved the colours of this dayYou are gorgeous girlLet the laughing and kissing begin. Highlight of the day for sure!It’s the moments in between momentsLOVESo many weddings are donating to great causes lately. Love seeing this

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