I’m Not a Diva…I Have a Land Line |Edmonton Portrait Photographer|

What can I say about this one. AMAZING…FABULOUS…STUNNING…oh and cannot forget HILARIOUS! Jill and I have been planning to work together for forever. My damn day job kept getting in the way but not today. I met up with Jill after work, by meet up I mean got lost on the way to her place 🙂 Always a good time when it comes to me and directions. Anway, we had an idea in our minds and worked with it. Jill stole, I mean “borrowed” some clothes from her roomie, and we made it happen. Jill, you are pretty much a celebrity to me. Seeing you on billboards, heck in Vogue magazine, never did I image working with someone like you. When you said, he let’s shoot tomorrow, I am pretty sure I have never felt that nervous in my life. But after meeting you for all of 5 minutes, you made me feel completely comfortable and so happy to be spending time with you. And now, after spending the day with you talking about being a cat lady, divas, and land lines…welll your just that much more awesome. Thank you for the day. I look forward to our next session. Oh and P.S. YOU ARE GOING TO ROCK T.O.

Here are just a couple images, that are clearly not Facebook appropriate!



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