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I cannot even count the amount of times I have opened up my inbox and read, “How the heck do you balance your day job, with your photography life?”

So, here is how!

I don’t!

Okay, well obviously, to some degree I do but I can tell you that not every day is easy. I do my very best to have a great balance, but just when I think I am doing alright, I realise that I have 3 unedited weddings on the go, 3 engagements sessions, an inbox full of inquiries that need to be replied to, and have yet to spend 5 minutes with my new husband.

Insert big sigh here.

Alright, enough of feeling sorry for myself, it’s really not that bad. I am one busy girl yes, but at the end of the day, all the albums get finished, and on time, if not way before the deadline. No matter how stressed out I get, or how behind I feel, I’ve come to realise…

It’s the life of a photographer.

So, that’s it. No big secret here on how I balance my life. I know that when my husband sees more of the back of the head than my face, it’s time to close up the lap top and spend some quality time together. Thankfully I have the most amazing husband in the world. He has been there from the beginning. Heck, he is the entire reason I am where I am today. He has watched me break down in tears many times. He has seen me rush home, upload images and be so excited to post something from that session. He has also seen me be completely and utterly beat from an entire wedding season. But at the end of every single day, we spend time cuddling on the couch together and it makes it all ok.

Another question I get asked is “Why do you still work full time aside from photography?”

A few reasons actually. I love my day job. Ya that’s right, I love it. I am a manager at a bank. Doesn’t sound like the most interesting job hey? Well, I actually have the best employees a boss could ask for. It is a pleasure to go to work every day. Aside from there not being enough hours in a day to get things done, I am happy to be working both. Another reason is for sanity. I think if I were to only do photography, I would miss life. As much as I love the interactions I get when I meet my clients, the majority of a photographers time is spent alone, processing images. I need my social fix.

Now one other question I have also been asked is,”Do you think it matters if you are a part time or a full time photographer?” Although I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a “part time” photographer, so maybe Part time vs. Full time isn’t the right choice of words.“Do you think it matters if you are solely a photographer and have no other career?” is a better question.

My answer to this is ABSOLUTELY!

Now, hear me out.

1. I don’t have all the options other photographers might. If you need your session to be at 2 in the afternoon, chances are I cannot accommodate that. I can shoot after 3 and 6 most days. Not bad for availability, but doesn’t always work for everyone. I have actually lost bookings because I didn’t have the time to meet up with them. It’s unfortunate but completely understandable.

2. I don’t have all the time I need. I mean to learn, to practice, and to sit at my computer for hours on end looking up you tube videos and trying things out. I work 8-10 hours a day at my day job, and then come home and work until 12am every night. There is no time in there to be researching.

But on a side note, most people that meet me never know I work two jobs. I definitely do not let it show or effect how I treat my clients, or handle my images. I think that is the biggest part in having two priorities. As long as they don’t affect one another, then it shouldn’t matter.

Hope this answered many of your questions. Always here to help, so ask away 🙂


P.S. I’d say, it looks like I’m having an alright time 🙂

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