IT WILL BE YOUR DAY, AND ONLY YOURS |Edmonton Wedding Photographer|

Okay, seriously bawling my eyes out. This video is for ALL of the brides out there. Every single one of you need to watch this.

Your hair might not turn out perfect due to the wind, or your makeup might run because you shed some tears. The sun might not shine as bright as you had hoped, or a few rain drops might fall from the sky. You might stumble on your vows or need to blow your nose. All of these are thing you might not have planned but they are what made your day…ALL YOURS!¬†Don’t stress when things get behind, don’t answer your phone, DON’T STRESS!

When your day arrives, it is here. It is one day that you will never get back, you can never change. Live in the moments, take in the love and remember things that are important to you. Things like the first look, or walking down the aisle with your father. Not things like how the flowers turned out, or how the napkins looked.

Remember, you will remember how you felt the most!

You will have an idea for what your big day “should” be. There is no “should” be in the wedding world, there is only “will” be. And it WILL BE YOUR DAY, AND ONLY YOURS

Now enjoy this video I found. Kudos to the bride, I honestly do not think I could have held my composure with the same amount of grace as she did.

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