Drumheller Wedding Photos | Edmonton Photographer | Kevin and Danna

As most of you know my home town is back in Medicine Hat. I travel there about 12 times a year. Every single time we drive through Drumheller I am in awe. I think it is one of the most beautiful places in Alberta and I was just dying to shoot there. I had a vision and made a plan that it was a must on my list. But I needed it to be different than anything I had done.

If you follow my work you will know I am a huge “face” person. I love eyes, and lips and close ups. I am just a sucker for it for some reason. This time I wanted to work on composition and using the entire frame to showcase a couple. Okay, I still did some close ups but the majority were the whole landscape. Drumheller, and it’s beautiful surroundings, was a perfect location to try this out. So I asked Danna and Kevin if they would be willing to drive out and meet me at our location. Danna, being the cute nerd that she is, took this opportunity to get Kevin to take her to the Dinosaur Park there. Glad I could help you out with that one Danna.

These photos are some of my favourite photos I have ever taken. The blue sky, the wind, and the weather worked in our favour.


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