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Danna: Does anyone want to do a shoot this weekend?

Nicole: Sure (man I am so busy I shouldn’t do this but come on, I love Danna)

Danna: OMG OMG Awesome.

Nicole: I have no plan, no idea, but it has to fit my re-branding

Danna: Done!

That is pretty much how Danna and I have planned every session, although there is usually an idea in mind prior to it. This time was special I guess. So Danna headed to the store, found an adorable dress and started rummaging through her things to see what we could add to make it special. The shoot was set for 2 days later so we seriously just threw something together. I met Danna in the middle of nowhere, yet again, and it turned out amazing. I packed a blanket, some flowers and my suitcases, while she packed a ton of accessories and things we could throw in. One random jewel in the mix caught my eye, her head band. She looked ridiculous and like a 70’s child to the naked eye, but man does that magic Canon box of mine change perspectives.

The first shot I took was magic.


The light, the colours and of course Danna. I have worked with Danna on, oh I don’t even know how many shoots now, but I was determined to make this one different. By different I meant, I wanted it to mean something. I didn’t want it to be something we pulled together and made pretty pictures out of it. I wanted to feel it. Kind of like when we did the session of her that was full of sad emotion…but this was opposite.

So after I took the first photo I had a chat with Danna, who is a very good friend of mine as well thanks to the photography world. We talked about her, who she is, and what she loves. Danna dances. She actually teaches dance to adorable little girls as well. Her heart is seriously made of something special. Anyway, So I talked to her and I literally told her to dance for me. Do it with your body, your hands and your eyes.


Danna appeared before me in a way that has never in the past. Now don’t get me wrong, every shoot that we have done has turned out wonderfully, but I think when you see the look in her eyes something changed.

She fell in love…not literally, but sometimes with the way life works it closes doors so that new amazing doors full of the unknown can be opened. The look in Dannas eyes says it all.

Enough said, enjoy some of my favourite photos ever taken. I have been saying that a lot lately I know, but that is because I am in love with LOVE again and couldn’t be more excited about it. And I happen to love this girl and everything about this session so it just works for me.



MUA Mookie Salinas
Hair Brooke Raymond
Model Danna-Leigh Santrock

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