Edmonton Wedding Photographer|All Things Beautiful {3}

The final day spent in Louisana.

We shot all day until the sun set. It was beautiful, stunning and ever so inspiring.

I left Louisiana with a new desire to be better. To grow, to improve and to try new things.

I was feeling in a big huge rut before this workshop. The workshop kept coming up in my news feed and I just couldn’t decide whether to go or not. It was so far away, I hate doing trips alone, and would it be worth it? My husband sat me down and talked to me about the rut that I was in and maybe this was a fix for it.

The light bulb went off and I signed up.

I mentioned this before,but the main thing I took away from this workshop was inspiration. It wasn’t necessarily knowledge of anything, but more of a feeling.

Since I have been back my brain is exploding with ideas and I am on a mission to have the best year I have ever had. NC Photography has been around for 3 years. It has grown so much. I can only imagine where our new journey will take us.

Please enjoy the final set of photos from my trip to Louisiana!

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