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Where to even start with this session…


Every single thing about it.

A little while ago I posted for a couple in the drumheller area as I had an idea in mind and a location picked out. I found a couple (blog post to come soon) but Karly popped me a message shortly after. I noticed in the history of good ol’ Facebook that Karly had actually messaged me a long time ago for a session. Man was I kicking myself in the butt that I hadn’t worked with this girl sooner. Karly is to die for. She is the ideal version of simply sweet. Her long brown locks and killer eyes are amazing. But that smile of hers is something you just cannot look away from. It lights up a room, and clearly it lights up her man as well. Cody and Karly are seriously one of a kind. He loves her to death and she just lets him. The way he holds her and looks at her would make anyone swoon. And when those two get smiling and loving you just want to stop and stare. I am pretty sure there were a few times when we were shooting that I forgot to push the bottom and was just taken back by the vibrant love they share for one another.

Now there is always two sides to a story. The other side is how dreamy Cody is. I actually called him McDreamy the entire session. Sorry Karly, I will try to bring down his ego a bit before our next session.

In all reality, these two are amazing.

On a side note, this entire session was something new for me. It was my first session after I made the huge decision to re-brand, re-style, and start over. I put my entire heart into this session and I couldn’t have asked for a better end result.

For all of you that have recently sent me an email or message or like about my new work, THANK YOU so much from the bottom of my heart. I am really putting myself out there and trying something new.

And it feels good!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

(I wonder if it is considered creepy to stare at your own work for long periods of time 😛 )

Styled by NC Photography

MUA/Hair Carli Samuel with Avenue Hair in Calgary, Alberta

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