St.Patricks Church Wedding Photos | Medicine Hat Photographer | Hilary and Jerod

 It was just the two of them in this huge amazing church. No one else mattered!

Jerrod and Hilary had an absolutely beautiful wedding in Medicine Hat. Their ceremony was held at the most beautiful church there is, St. Patricks and was filled with all of their close loved ones.

Medicine Hat is known for its beautiful weather. Mild winters with awesome chinooks and hot hot summers that feel like a desert. So if you are having your wedding in the summer, you better believe it will be hot. So we sought after some shade to keep these burly men cool.

Jerrod and Hilary, your love is like something out of a book. Hilary, your cute little laugh and Jerrods soft spoken words are just a match  made in heaven.

Thank you so much for having me be a part of your day, and thank you so soooo much for the friendship along the way! I will miss chatting with you about all of this!



(p.s. to check out the kind words these two left me, head over here)


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