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Nicole and Shawn Modde are the “must” have wedding photographers! Picking the best wedding photographer is probably the most important part of all of your wedding planning. They are there to capture your memories and tell your love story. Nicole and Shawn go above and beyond!

I first started following Nicole over 2 years ago, via her facebook page. I was instantly impressed with her obvious talent both in front and behind the camera. Derek and I were only engaged for one day when I saw a facebook post that there were only a couple of dates open for the 2011 wedding season. I had to book Nicole immediately! I sent her an e-mail and booked her asap, before I had even booked a venue for our wedding!

We first met Nicole and Shawn for our engagement photos, having only e-mailed back and forth a few times I wasn’t sure what to expect. Both Derek and myself hate having our picture taken an I am the worst critic when it comes to a picture of myself. After leaving our engagement session, both Derek and I were saying how at ease we both were with having our picture taken and that the time just flew by. It was fun! The next day Nicole posted a few of our pictures and we were both “very” happy with the finished product. We couldn’t wait to show off our pictures to our family and loved ones.

The wedding day soon approached and I was sick of making decisions. So when Nicole asked me where I wanted to shoot our wedding photos, I was not very much help. I told her that I trusted her completely and she did not disappoint. On our wedding day, it was 32 degrees outside and I couldn’t imagine how uncomfortable it was going to be taking pictures outside. I shouldn’t of worried at all because Nicole and Shawn were fantastic in finding locations that kept us out of the heat and kept us all in smiles! Again we were so happy with how easy the photography session went and I totally opened up and felt so comfortable in front of the camera. I actually didn’t want the session to end!

The finished product, did not disappoint of course! The worst part is trying to decide on what pictures to enlarge for our living room walls! So a big thank-you to Nicole and Shawn for capturing our special day, you are both FABULOUS!!!!

All the best to you both
Kim and Derek Williams 🙂









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