Medicine Hat Wedding Photographer | That day was so memorable…

One word to describe Nicole and Shawn Modde… Brilliant. I was so nervous about the big day and on top of that, I was stressing about how I was going to look in the pictures. I took a deep breath and just kept repeating to myself in my head, “this is my day and I am going to rock this!”  As the transformation began Nicole and Shawn were both so reassuring that I looked amazing in the photos. The two of them just have a way with words that make you feel so at ease, and so beautiful as they are photographing you.  The bride’s maids all had such a wonderful time as we got ready and began the wonderful day.

I warned Nicole about my husband, as he always likes to give people a hard time, so she was ready for him when we finally got to meet up with the groom and the groomsmen. I knew the formal shoot was going to be so much fun because the bridal party as a whole is just so easy going and always a lot of fun to be around. One thing that I will never forget is walking in the big line as a group and Nicole told us to say things like “you’re so funny” and just laugh and have a good time. Well… the things that came out of everyone’s mouth really made you laugh out loud!

That day was so memorable, and NC Photography was a big part of that.  As the photos started popping up online, she kept us wanting more. Every time I had a face book update from Nicole Modde, I could not get online fast enough to see a new picture from the Wedding. Everyone is still commenting on how beautiful all my pictures are, and my bride’s maids keep talking about how NC Photography has to be a part of their big day! My husband and I are so happy we chose Nicole and Shawn to capture all our special moment, we could not ask for anything more!

Thank you again Nicole and Shawn, until we meet again… xoxo… Jamie Bengert.

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