My Baby Bump ~16 Weeks~


To check out how it all went down head over here

It was beyond what I could have imagined, and let me tell you, I stressed about this day for months.

I am so happy that we are surrounded by such amazing people. The look on my Dad’s face, Sara yelling, my brother saying YOU’RE KIDDING YOU’RE KIDDING, and my Mom just so happy. It was all amazing

Even when we called Shawn’s sister, her reaction was priceless. It was all just so perfect, and we are so happy.


Your Dad cannot believe how big my belly is getting.

Things are going great. I definitely think when we weigh in there will be a bigger growth than last time. I have always wondered what I would look like with a belly. It is really quite interesting.

No real cravings yet. I have random urges to want Nachos but still craving a lot of those yummy Christmas oranges.

You are getting so big. A whole TURNIP this week. To me that is just huge.

We booked our appointment to find out what you are in there the other day. I simply cannot wait.

Blue or Pink, we will see. I have my suspicions that you are blue, and it seems so does the rest of the world.

And, we started planning your room. Grey is the colour. It matches our very first home and it is so warm. Dad is starting to paint it this week. It is so exciting.

Hope you are doing well in there. We haven’t felt you kick so I can only assume you sleep a lot like your Father.


December 26-January 2 2012

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