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On a freezing November day we headed to Edmonton to catch a flight to Dominican. This day was a huge reminder as to why I always budget a lot of time for travel when heading to weddings. It took us almost 5 hours to drive from Calgary to Edmonton. The weather was awful. Accidents everywhere. We could barely keep our car on the road. We went up the night before our flight left, thank goodness. But we made it safe and sound and my husband thanked me for being anal with my planning.

The flight down was great. I was already a few weeks pregnant so it was a bit uncomfortable for me but we made it through it. The resort was beautiful as always and I couldn’t wait to scope out locations. We spent the week planning and crossing out fingers for a beautiful day. It had rained at least twice a day, every day, since we had arrived. I was a little worried. But the day started out lovely. We met up with the girls in a stunning bridal suite and then Shawn headed over to hang out with the guys for a bit. The ceremony was stunning, as were the formal photos. During formals we started to all get a little hot…okay ¬†A LOT hot. The weather was changing, a storm was coming in. So in the small 45 minutes we had, we had to wrap it up and head to the reception.


It was crazy how much it rained. But we got some amazing pictures before this happened.

It all worked out and was a great day full of love and a whole lot of pink.

Thank you so much for having us D & J!

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