My Baby Bump ~ 28 Weeks ~

Well HELLO 3rd trimester. You feel just like the 1st trimester.


No motivation


All of that fun stuff.

But we did have a doctors appointment this week, well just me this time. I had to get tested for gestational diabetes. I believe everyone does when you are pregnant. Well, the tests came back alright but they did some blood work as well and your Mama is anemic. It is a big scary word. I was scared when I first heard it too. And then your silly Mom went and looked up all of the things being anemic can do to a pregnant body with a little baby in it. So I scared myself silly, ran to the store and got some vitamins to hopefully get on top of this and make sure it doesn’t cause any harm…to you or me. Basically what it means is that my iron levels are very very low. You are a growing little bean in there and you need all sorts of goodies from my body, iron is definitely one of them. So we are watching it closely, making sure I am taking my vitamins and eating lots of leafy green things. But this also explains why I have been feeling so tired lately. I need my iron for energy.  Needless to say, this little scare is just a bump in the road. I am sorry for not taking better care of you in there, I promise to make it up with tons of hugs and kisses when you get here.

Your Daddy surprised us this week. I came home one night from work and he had your room all set up and organized. Of course, I am a crazy person and reorganized all of it but he still did an amazing job. I cannot wait to share it with you. We even layed one of your little sleepers in your crib, man does it look small. You are going to be this tiny little thing. Unreal.

Other than that, we weren’t up to a whole lot this week.

Until next time little man

Love You Baby M

Oh and these weekly photo dates your Dad and I have…well they are a task and a half. I cannot wait to make a book for you of everything in these 9 months but seriously I don’t want to take anymore photos. Okay…who am I kidding, you are going to be a little model before you are 1 but come on, get here already!

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