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Just a few months ago we lived in Edmonton where my office was filled with boxes and storage and clutter galore. It had a brown desk that wobbled and no space for anything. When we moved to Calgary a great office space for me was huge on our house finding must haves.

The minute we walked into this house, we knew it was it. When we opened the front door on a warm summer day the house was filled with natural light, which I obviously adore. As we walked around downstairs we were very pleased. But walking up the stairs to the bonus room, that was it for us.

It actually brought me to tears how much I loved it.

It has a great window that shines light throughout the whole upstairs. It was a perfect space for me to set up shop and finally brand my space and make it somewhere I loved to be. After all, I spend tons of hours in there, I should probably love it.

So here are some pictures of my office space. Trust me, it is not always this clean but I do everything I can to keep my work space tidy and organized. The more organized my space is, the more I am. And actually it just makes me feel productive, ahead of schedule and like I am accomplishing things. Highly recommend having a space you LOVE and making it your own.

Here are some additional tips for your photography working space.

Light — Light is everything to me. Natural light makes me smile and wakes me up. If I sit in a dull, orange lit room I am unproductive and just cranky (believe me it’s true). So choose a light setting that works for you and your moods.

Where the light comes from — Back-lit and front-lit have never worked for me. When I had my computer backing onto the window I found it was too powerful for me to see my true images on my screen. When the light would change I would notice a huge difference and it wasn’t a good one. Front-lit is terrible. The light and glare that it gives off of the screen is absolutely counter productive.

Comfort — I so badly wanted a cute chair to go with my desk. But that just wasn’t practical to me. I am still on the hunt for one but the hours you spend at that desk comfort is key. Make sure you have good back support and you are at a good height for your desk. Health is key.

Organization– As mentioned, the more organized you can be the better. Those boards you see on my wall are my workflow charts. I love these. When I get an inquiry, I just look up and instantly know if I am booked or not. When I am working on a wedding, I just look up and know what I have left to do. This worked great for me when I had 20 weddings a year. It helped me stay organized and under control. I put dates on it when every portion should be complete and never went past that. This was my sanity.

Branding– Pink…so not my thing in real life but when it comes to my business, it has always had a huge part in it. I feel it’s important to surround yourself with your brand. You live and breathe what you do, you should also love it.

You– Find what you love. Don’t follow a trend in this area or buy things because you saw them somewhere else. This is YOUR space, make it just that. I love white EVERYTHING! That is my style. When I go to others homes and see their rich colours and dark walls, I fall in love. But when I come home to my space, clean clutter free and crisp I am HOME. This is my home. Create yours.

My beautiful window that gives off fabulous light. This area just became very messy full of newborn props.This was absolutely perfect for my office. My husband thought I was crazy when I saw this because I was insanely excitedWorkflow charts¬†Had to display my feature in BLUSH MagazineMy branding packages. Of course…PINK

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