One of the biggest investments you can make |Edmonton Wedding Photographer|

I am not a bride, but I have been one and I have seen plenty.

I know how you feel and I know what you want.

I know that this is an important day to you and that moments cannot be missed.

I know that the little things will stress you out, and I know you want it to be perfect.

I know how your make-up should look, and I know what will work best for your hair.

I know how to do up your bustle, and I know how to tie your corset.

I know which leg your garter is supposed to go on and I know what to do with your rings.

I can help you with the flow of your day and what can make things run smooth.

Your day will be YOUR day and no one else’s. You need to make those moments yourself, and you need to make it be the day you remember forever. The moments you will remember the most will be those you create.

 It won’t be the napkins, and it won’t be the cake.

 It will be when you are getting ready and watch how easily you transform from a nervous girl into a stunning bride.

It will be the deep breaths you take as the doors open for you to walk down the aisle.

 It will be the butterflies you feel the minute your eyes meet his for the first time again.

 It will be the laughs you have with your closest family and friends during the reception.

It will be when you head up to your honeymoon sweet and realise you just took the biggest step to the beginning of your new life.

There are so many moments that matter on that big day. The day will be here and gone before you even know it, this is not a cliché, it really is true.

Speaking as a bride, and not a photographer, I found myself forgetting things or found I was sad that the day had gone and passed. I decided one day to sit down and look at every single one of my wedding photos again. I could feel myself slightly smiling, having chills run through my body, and feeling that rush of emotion I once felt, all over again. I treasure those moments so much, but if I didn’t have my photos they would be faded memories.

Hire your photographer because all of these things are important to you. Hire your photographer because you love their work and you like them as a person. Hire your photographer because it is one of the biggest investments you can make.


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