Passionate, Creative and Loving

When I think of NC Photography 3 things come to mind: passionate, creative and loving. Nicole has so much passion for photography and it comes through in her pictures, you can tell that she loves what she is doing and wants to ensure that she gets the best shot possible. She is unbelievably creative, the shots that Taylor and I got o

n our wedding day are absolutely unreal, I never in my wildest dreams would have come up with these shots and I am still in awe of the pictures. Finally and most importantly loving. The way that Nicole cares about your wedding day is out of this world it is like she becomes apart of your family and truly cares about capturing your day.My husband was very involved during the whole planning process and he was skeptical of spending so much money on a photographer but after our engagement session he was sold. NC Photography will do ANYTHING to get the perfect photo, in the words of Taylor “You know you got your money worth when your second photographer will roll up his pants and get into a pond to pick a flower for a ring shot.”

If I could give one piece of advice for all future brides it would be to fight to have Nicole be your photographer on your weeding day. She is worth EVERY single penny and will absolutely blow your mind as she has blown my mind.

I ABSOLUTELY adore Nicole not only as a photographer but as a person and would without a doubt hire her again…..Need to send a little bit of love to Shawn as well! Hire him as a second shooter that’s all I have to say! They are the ultimate dynamic duo if you have them photographer your wedding you will cherish your photos almost as much as Taylor and I cherish ours!!!!!!

Stephanie and Taylor xoxoxoxoxox

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