Personal Post {House & Moving Update}

YEAH! We have walls and all of our framing is DONE!

I can’t tell you how exiting this is. Okay, well I am sure you can imagine. We are going to have our home. Our very own home.

So a few things have changed with us in the past couple of weeks.

We own a condo in Edmonton as well, and have been renting it out ever since we left Edmonton. Our renters decided to move back to B.C. So this left us with a new decision.

Do we stay in Medicine Hat and travel up for 4 or 5 visits to see the house progression and sign offs…


Do we move back into our condo, live out of boxes and not travel in the terrible Alberta winters on the worst hi-way out there.

So we decided to move back sooner, as in a month from now, and live out of our boxes for a bit. Well actually we still haven’t unpacked our boxes from when we moved here, or when we moved to Calgary for that matter. So living out of boxes is just second nature to us (CANNOT wait to burn all of these moving boxes ones day)

So Edmonton, we will be seeing you very soon!!!

But for now, here is a little update on our home!

(p.s. don’t mind the quality of pictures. It is very hard not being there to see it go up. I am so thankful for a good friend who likes to do drive-by Wednesdays!)


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