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How I Spent My Thanksgiving Weekend…

I head back to Medicine Hat about 10 times a year. That’s 60 hours of driving…yup crazy right! I normally take the same boring route through Calgary. Well one time Shawn decided we should mix it up and go through Drumheller. I fell instantly in love. I bet he is regretting his decision now. I knew I had to shoot there, and I knew whatever I shot there had to be great. Introducing Danna and Kevin. I received a text message on Monday of last week saying, ” I was thinking of you today and I miss you!”  I had no clue who it was. It was Danna! How did I respond? By telling her to meet me 3 hours out of the city on Sunday. So we did! Thanks Danna, for trusting my crazy last minute shoot!

I have also had my eye on another location that is on the way back to Edmonton from Medicine Hat and just happens to be not to far from Drumheller. So I called up one of my other favourite couples to shoot, Brookelynn and Ryan and set up another session.

We left Medicine Hat at 8am Sunday morning and arrived in Edmonton at 8pm that night. Needless to say it was a long, tiring day. But it was completely worth it.

Here is a little glimpse of how we spent our day.

P.S. Don’t mind my apparel. I was up at 6 am okay 🙂





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