Modde Twins {21 Weeks}

So we were still in Medicine Hat for a little bit this week finishing up work. Man am I one tired Mama. I am so thankful I had your Nama helping me out and letting me get some rest. 12 sessions and a wedding in a week! It’s a pretty typical for me but man carrying you two girls around sure makes it a bit trickier. I am pretty sore by the end of the day and definitely could sleep forever. The drive home was pretty good. We ate a lot of junk food like we always do but I am learning that salt is not my friend this pregnancy. I think (yes I am playing google Dr. here) that I am getting pregnancy carpel tunnel from the swelling (aka my love for salt). My hands and arms are going numb when laying down and even happened when we were swimming. So I definitely need to watch what I am eating, especially before bed. Man has it made sleeping very hard.¬† Not to mention I usually have your busy big brother climbing all over me in bed too. You see, he has always been a pretty crappy sleeper. Okay, maybe crappy isnt the right word. But he is cling (haha is that better) and likes to be with us. He doesn’t like to be alone so he has pretty much been in our bed since about 5 months. Crazy I know. So the one hope I have for you girls is to be good sleepers. Don’t worry, I can totally hear you laughing at me as I say that. But come on…give your Mom a break. There are two of you and your brother! I will just set up a sleeping bag on the floor and you can have the bed.

Oh, we were so excited to get home from Medicine Hat because your Dad had been super busy organizing somethings back home. We decided to move your brother over to the spare room and give you his. I don’t actually know why we did this. It honestly is probably because the light is better in his room (trust me…you’ll get used to this!), or even the window placement. I don’t know. But two cribs is totally throwing us for a loop. Who has two babies at one time anyway huh!!?? So ya, I cannot wait to get started on your room. So the first thing we did when we got home was run upstairs to see your empty room. Clean slate. So many ideas! I will say, your Brother was pretty hesitant to move to a new room. We had been taking to him about it for weeks and he just was not having any of it. He liked his room, even if it meant he could be closer to ours. He was not happy. But running up the stairs and seeing his stuff all set up in his new room, he was pretty excited. He even said, ” Woah, this is pretty awesome!” Phew! I was worried there for a while.

So of course this week we took photos in your big empty room to show the transformation. Mason had a blast in his superman costume (he’s really into costumes right now for some reason. I think it’s adorable because they are 1 or 2 years too small for him.) But he ran around me with his cape flying behind him while I just soaked up him being a 4 year old and you being in my tummy. I cannot wait for him to meet you. I think he will be the best big brother ever. I know you will love him. He is quite the character. I can’t wait to see how much you are like him, if at all. I am so excited for everything, especially to see if you look like him.

We do get to see you again next week actually. We booked a 3D ultrasound package, just like we did with your brother, but I guess with twins they do them really early because you run out of room in there early and it’s harder to see your cute faces. I am super excited to see how much you have grown and see more of your traits. The last time you looked just like Mason! I love you girls so much already.

Alright, I need to go get some sleep. Lots of work to do and lots of stuff to get done getting ready for your arrival.

Love you little skittles



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