This one is kind of on a personal note.  Mushy feelings, that sort of thing! Yesturday I put up a post on my facebook page asking who out there that follows my work were photographers. I get up this morning to find out that there were over 40 posts on my page. All from great […]

Nothing like bringing a smile to any photographers face. Thank you for everything you said Sam. You have followed me, I’m pretty sure, almost from day one. You are a true fan, you have lifted my spirits on a number of occasions, and I THANK YOU for that! Thank you so much for checking out […]

This post isn’t going to be biased, based on me being a photographer. This is based on what I came to realise as I myself came across while searching for a photographer for my own wedding. To start, you need to have a good understanding about what you want in your pictures. Take some time […]

This one will be short and quick! I get asked all of the time by my fellow photographer fans, what is my favourite lens to shoot with? This really depends on the situation, but if I am going somewhere where I dont necessarily want to take a bunch of stuff, the two that I throw […]

Never did I image one of my random thoughts would become such a great success. If you follow my facebook page at all you will know that I currently have a contest going on called “Do You Have What it Takes.”  My email has filled up with questions like, “how do you come up with […]