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Happy Friday Everyone.

I am so excited to share this Friday’s post with everyone. As most of you will know, I recently got married. And, as you can expect, choosing a photographer for my big day was exceptionally hard. Being a photographer, I had my mind set on a certain style and company. So once I found who I was looking for I emailed them immediately only to find out that it just wasn’t going to work for them to shoot my wedding. So, I spent hours and hours (which anyone should) looking through websites, blogs, and facebook to find exactly what I wanted. I contacted many photographers and found some that had outrageous pricing (destination packages tend to be a lot higher) or others that didn’t quite offer the package I was looking for.  Needless to say, I was pretty frustrated.

Feeling beaten by the planning of a wedding, I finally found another photographer with a style that I happened to like. Called them up and booked an engagement session (to make sure we fit for our wedding day). We met up to do our engagement session, went by with a breeze.  I was pretty certain I was booking this photographer for our day. I had decided to book them on the following Friday, but something just wasn’t there. I have said from day one that a bond with your photographer is very important. You will spend that entire day with them. If you do not bond, it will show in the photos. So something in me told me to just pop the original photographer an email and see if anything had changed with them not being able to shoot my wedding. Woke up the next morning to find this in my inbox, “we met last night and Kari and I (Radelle) would love to shoot your wedding!” I am pretty sure I jumped so high and smiled so much, I couldn’t have been happier. I said from the day I got engaged that aside from our love, the photographer was the most important part of our wedding.

Now, when I mentioned I was doing this blog, some people asked me “why would you promote another photographer being that you yourself are one?” My complete honest answer is this; at the end of the day, all I want is for people to be happy. So if I can help make someone’s wedding day that much more complete by showing them this photographer, then I am happy to do it. I have passed on a number of clients to them, as I may not always be available. I am also not too proud to know when someone has a good thing going. I will always support local photographers that deserve it. Everyone is talented in their own way, and everyone has a certain style they are looking for. If my style isn’t what someone is looking for, then I can gladly help them find something else.

So…Favourite Photographer goes to Eternal Reflections Photography (http://www.eternalreflectionsphoto.com)

These ladies are simply amazing. Kari and Radelle run Eternal Reflections out of Edmonton and Victoria. They are not only the most brilliant photographers I have ever seen, but they are the sweetest girls in the world and I am so glad I had the opportunity to not only be in front of their lens but to also get to know them.

Here is a photo we took the night of my wedding! I just love these ladies!



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