Reggie and Missy = the epitome of love. I get the chance to meet a ton of couples. With this I get to see all different shades of love. Reggie and Missy have a special kind. One that people wish to find at one point in their lives. Missy is free spirited, kind, and soft […]

Honestly do not know where to start with this couple. They are so amazing and people I am so glad to have met in my life. Tamara and I chatted quite a bit through email before she booked me. She had tons of questions, which I love, and knew exactly what she wanted from her […]

How many times in our lives have we heard this saying “When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!” Well, it just sparked an idea for me. One day I was pouting to Shawn, like always, about something that just wasn’t going as planned. I had this awesome shoot set in mind, but something came up […]

What to say about this shoot other than it turned out better than I expected. We shot until the light went down, had tons of laughs, and made some magic! Innocent love…what better way to show that than old school love like they had back in the day. And to top it off, young love […]