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Honestly do not know where to start with this couple. They are so amazing and people I am so glad to have met in my life.

Tamara and I chatted quite a bit through email before she booked me. She had tons of questions, which I love, and knew exactly what she wanted from her photographer. So it was finally time we put some faces to the words behind email. At the time I was suffering from a 8 week long virus we like to call Mono. It was not fun, but I absolutely had to meet this couple. So we made a date, sniffles and all, where I finally got to meet her and her lovely fiance Ronnie.

It was an instant connection. Ronnies smile and Tamaras hug was enough for me. I just knew I had to be a part of their day.

Through the sniffles and all we had a great talk. Listening to the stories about how they met, their long LONG story and how he proposed was just awesome. I adored these two and they were so in love.

So they booked…and I was ecstatic!

The months went on, we chatted and got more excited for their day. It was finally here…and it was pouring. Of course, the worry wart that I am, I was super nervous. When I walked into Tamara’s moms house, where they were getting ready, I asked her

Worried Photographer –>”So how are you feeling about the rain?”

Amazing Bride –> ” It’s not something I can change and it’s not about the weather. It’s about me marrying Ronnie!”


I just about died. This girl loves this boy so much, and it was completely transparent. I smiled ear to ear and this was a great start to a wonderful day.

It poured, ALL DAY! So you know what they say about rain on your wedding day being good-luck? Well this couple has nothing to worry about anymore when it comes to luck.

We headed outside, with our umbrellas at our sides, and stuck it out. I did my best at keeping the wedding party covered as much as I could. As for Shawn and I, well that is a different story. Needless to say, I had to ring my pants out  before the reception. Oops. Anything for that shot right!

Anyway, it was a magical day, full of amazing people. The laughs, the love, the tears. The speeches, the hugs, the moments. They were all amazing and a huge reminder of how grateful I am to be a part of these days.

Ronnie & Tamara you are beyond amazing. The love the two of you have, the passion, the friendship is admirable. I adore you two and I wish you the best!



Stay tuned for a later attempt at chasing away the rain…that was very unsuccessful.

I loved Tamara’s Moms place full of vintage flareAnd enter the title of this album…What do you love most about Ronnie –>I love Ronnie’s personality, passion for life, his determination, and his ability to dream big!What do you love most about Tamara –> I love her  love for me, her patience, and heart to serve.The guys having some fun with ShawnLOVE personal messages the morning of the weddingWhat were you most looking forward to on your big day ->We were most looking forward to getting married in our church and being able to celebrate with our friends and family.Why did you choose NC Photography for your wedding day –>  We chose NC Photography because of their creativity, the emotion that is captured in their photos, and the vibrant colours that their photography brings.What will you remember most about your day –> We will definitely remember our photoshoot in the rain! Our wedding party and photographers made it fun and were the biggest troopers!The photo that made the wedding party fall in love with Shawn…as he laid on the soaking side walk to get the shotBlack and White on these two is absolutely stunning

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