20 WEEKS 20 WEEKS ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? That means it is half way. Half way until you are a little person in my arms. Waking us up at night. Crying. And opening your eyes. THIS IS INSANE. Some days I still kind of forget I am pregnant. And then others I remember that I […]

January 16-23 Well this was an exciting week. On January 17th we booked an ultra sound to find out what you are in there. Now, my heart has to tell you I had hopes on something pink. But not because I don’t love you, or love you any less. Only because I am now officially […]

This session came to light one day as I was shopping at Michaels. Anyone with a creative bone in their body knows that Michaels is just a bad idea all around. I cannot walk in that store without getting a million ideas and spending a ton of money. This shoot, however, I wanted to put […]

January 9-16 2012 Just when I thought this would be a boring week and nothing to report, you surprise us! Your Mom was still very sick this week. But it has finally come to an end, thank goodness. We had your monthly check up this week as well. I am so thankful for these visits, […]

Things are really starting to happen now. I feel little flutters in my belly from you. Not big kicks, just gentle flutters to let me know you are safe in there. I am very hard on myself and need reassurance every day that every thing is going to be okay. So keep those flutters coming. […]