Finally… BETTER! I think my cold has finally left and I don’t even have my night time cough sticking around. This is one happy girl right now.  But I am feeling super duper pregnant these days. Which totally scares me for what is to come. I still have 15 weeks left. WAIT… Never mind. WHAT. […]

We had a big request to do a video on a ton of stuff for up and coming photographers while we are in Mexico. We have a jammed pack week while we are there so just in case we don’t have time, I thought I would put together a little blog post before we leave. […]

So we have reached 23 weeks, and what a journey it has been. Every time I update this blog and I write what week we are on I am completely shocked. I cannot believe it has been 23 weeks already. We had a busy weekend in Medicine Hat visiting friends and family and working. Your […]

The month of February, back in 2010, I boarded a plane where my soldier was waiting for me on the other end.  Shawn left for Afghanistan in October of 2009. I remember that day like it was yesterday. It was a day we talked about for months and months leading up to it. I wasn’t […]

This week was busy for us. Well not the whole week, pretty much just the weekend. We spent the weekend up in Edmonton visiting all of our great friends. It was such an awesome visit. We got to see so many people that we absolutely love and it was very very needed. Definitely miss everyone […]