If you follow me on instagram (which you probably should lovencphotography or personally nicolemodde) you will see me gripe a bit about Facebook. I often put up screen shots of how many people my posts are reaching…or should I say AREN’T reaching. So instead of griping about it I thought I would think about the big […]

More than just a camera… I’m not just a person that picks up a camera and snaps some shots. I’m not just a person that knows the technical side of a DSLR. I am not just a person that gets paid to use a camera. Being a photographer is not what I do, it is […]

I have been meaning to write this blog for so long. I actually had intentions on doing a video blog for you instead. But turns out planning for a baby is a bit more time consuming than I though. So written will have to do. Every time I go and shoot a Destination Wedding I […]

BABY NEWS! Since telling everyone that we are expecting our first little bundle of joy this coming June, a ton of curious photographers have come out of the wood works with questions. So, I hope this helps you all making some decisions to move forward with this huge step and change in your life. How […]

We had a big request to do a video on a ton of stuff for up and coming photographers while we are in Mexico. We have a jammed pack week while we are there so just in case we don’t have time, I thought I would put together a little blog post before we leave. […]