I cannot believe this day has come…

So much in our lives has changed in the past few years. We moved from Edmonton to Calgary. Calgary to Medicine Hat. And now Medicine Hat back to Edmonton. Yes! We have done all of that in just 2 years. YIKES!

But so much has come from it. We know where we will be for the next 4-5 years for sure, and that is in good old E-town.

But so much more than just our location, it gave me time to reflect on what is important to me and where my heart is. I absolutely LOVE what I do and I love sharing my gift with beautiful people. But what I was struggling with was showing who I was. Showing my true passion and putting my heart out there.

Yes, you can peel through layers within the photos I take but I wanted to dig deeper. I wanted to showcase who I was deep down and why I capture the moments I do.

A good photographer friend of mine described my style as calm. And I absolutely loved it. She said it looks like I just sit back and wait for the most perfect moment and click. This was dead on to my photography style. I literally do this. I hold my finger so slightly on the shutter and just watch and wait for the moment in between moments.

I love sunsets. I love pink. I love glitter. I love lace and texture and all things girly. I am not a coffee or tea drinker and I’ll take chips over chocolate any day.

I love those dust particles in the air when the sun shines through a room. I adore home decor and holidays. I try and make things special any chance I can get. My boys, my son and husband, are my entire life. I really don’t like to wear socks but my feet are always freezing and I don’t even own a winter coat (yes, I know I’m back in Edmonton, I guess I need to get one).

When I thought about rebranding my business, I knew it had to be perfect. No more trying to put it together myself, or hiring people who were just looking for a pay cheque. Just as people hire me because I specialise in Weddings, I needed to hire someone who specialises in graphic design. But not just general site design, someone who can relate to photographers and what they need.

That’s were Julie Story comes in. I looked through her work daily. I talked to people about her and I stalked her in mutual forums. I fell in love with her more and more as I stalked (yup, openly stalking people ha-ha). She was perfect for me, I just knew it. But, I had been burned before with “graphic design” so I was definitely hesitant.

So I sent her an email and as we talked it all just felt right. I knew this was going to be a good thing. And then it happened, the very first sneak peek into my design, or should I say mind.

She got it. She got me. She just fully and utterly understood what I was saying and where my heart was.

Pink. Glitter. Flowers. Luxe.Glam. Girly.

All of it was there.

Every. Single. Thing.

I could not ask more out of my design.

I made super small changes. There was no need, it was perfect.

Julie is amazing. I recommend her to absolutely anyone looking to really put yourself into your site.

So with that being said…it has been months and months in the making and it is finally here.

Well actually not yet! Next week, December 14th, it will all be released. And what better way to do it than with a BANG.


I have 10 great prizes for you to win between December 14-December 24th.

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Thank you so much for so many great years and truly being my inspiration.




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