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More than just a camera…

I’m not just a person that picks up a camera and snaps some shots.

I’m not just a person that knows the technical side of a DSLR.

I am not just a person that gets paid to use a camera.

Being a photographer is not what I do, it is who I am. Yes, how cliche is that right?! But it’s the complete and utter truth. And here is more story as to why I know this for sure…

I started shooting in 2009 where I grabbed every friend I had, dressed them up, told them my crazy ideas and shot my butt off. I did the whole graffiti thing. I did the prom thing. I even did the cowgirl thing. You name it. I did it. I was full of ideas and I was brand new. Was I all that great of a photographer yet, hmmmm no I wouldn’t exactly say so. But guess what? I was learning and I was loving every push of that button. I had no idea that the photos were completely blown out and had no composition what so ever going on. But it didn’t matter one bit. I was happy to be putting my creative juices into what I called art.

Fast forward a few years.

Hundreds of sessions shot.

About a hundred weddings shot.

Still madly in love with what I am doing.

This is just what I am meant to do.

When I get an inquiry from a client in my inbox, my heart races a bit. I cannot wait to hear the date, the location, and intimate details about the couple.

When a client tells me there is no doubt they are booking…tears…pretty much every single time.

Generally couples book me about a year and a half to two years in advance. And within that time I get emails asking me advice on things, or texts showing me the time she said yes to her dress. GIDDY is the only word for how this makes me feel.

I get this insane amount of joy out of what I do and all of the amazing things that come with it.

It’s not the push of the button.

It’s the sneak peak of the back of that screen when I see my vision come to life. It’s walking around and seeing that perfect ray of light shine through the trees. It’s the glow of that beautiful bride on her wedding day.

It’s not what I do

It’s who I am

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