Favourite Fridays

I put up my first blog post on February 21st and there has been such a great response from it. I’ll admit that somewhat being forced into making a blog turned me off of the whole idea, but its been so fun putting up posts and sharing more about me and what I love.

Speaking of what I love… I love a lot! There are so many shots, dresses, rings, outfits,moments ect…that I absolutely love. Whenever I do a shoot whether it be a portrait or a wedding, I always run home, plug in my camera and gush over the images from the day. I grab my fiance and show him all of my favourites, and its always so hard to choose. So…welcome to Favourite Fridays! Every Friday I will put up a post on something that is my favourite. Maybe a dress, maybe a look, maybe a location. Something new everytime! Hope you Enjoy!

I thought to start of my FAVOURITE FRIDAY posts, I would make it a big one.

This is my FAVOURITE day EVER of shooting. Bina and Anisa and everything having to do with them is beyond great. They had the best friends you could ask for, the sweetest sister, cutest mom and a love to admire. Anisa and I talked the entire year leading up to her big day, and to this day we chat all the time. You guys are amazing, I get compliments about your photos all of the time, and it just puts a big smile on my face. Anisa, you are the most genuine, caring, and absolutely the sweetest person I have met in my life. I cannot wait to work with you again! I’ve said it a million times, I know, but THANK YOU, for having me be a part of your day!


I fell in love with this ring shot the minute I saw it in my head. It is still one of my favourites to date!
undefinedAnisa, I didnt have to direct you, ask you what to do or anything, you are just simply amazing
undefinedThe bubbles were perfect in this, along with Anisas beautiful smile
undefinedundefined All the ladies, such great friends
undefinedFavourite group shot still
undefinedundefinedThis photo takes my breath away all of the time, just love it
undefinedSame as this one, Ive looked at it a number of times and am just in aweundefinedBina and Anisa didnt know about this location, but ended up loving itundefinedNothing better than fabulous bridesmaidsundefinedThis was hilarious. How often do you get a ton of great looking guys pointing at you right lol. And Im sure my fiance didnt mind having a ton of kisses being blown his way either 🙂undefinedThe guys absolutely loved their jump shot. SO funundefinedCould this entire wedding be any more beautifulundefinedundefined
undefinedAnisas mom was the sweetest thing ever
undefinedundefinedFavourite dance pictures yet. But look at those eyes, seriously!undefinedundefinedAnd to end it off with some cake on the face…what an amazing day!


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