Thick Skin Take 2- Pros and Cons of the Photography World

I posted Thick Skin-part one- not too long ago and received such a great response. My email immediately filled up with high fives and questions. Other photographers commented on the link with mutual feelings, so I wanted to elaborate a bit more on the topic so there is a better understanding of the life of a photographer.
There are ton of pros and cons to what we know as the photography world. I want to stress that I LOVE my job. But I also love being honest, and reading like an open book. A ton of me goes into my photography and unfortunately there are cons that go with the pros. So here’s a list of mine.

Pro– You get to meet the most amazing people. I used to be a shy little girl. Never did I image that I would be meeting such amazing people that trusted me with their one and only big day. I love my clients, each and every one of them has somehow made an impact in my life and career

Con– You might not mesh well with everyone. For an example, I took a client that I didn’t quite feel a connection with, and it managed to be one of the most stressful days of my career. I actually went home, cried and just shook my head and told myself I should’ve known better. What I’ve learned now is that its okay to say no to clients. I knew right from day one that it wasn’t going to be as successful as my other shoots, but I was too worried to speak up. My job is important and if there isn’t a connection, it will show in the photos or it will fill the air with that big elephant the entire time we are together.  Its okay, if you don’t mesh well with everyone.

Pro-awesome opportunities come your way. No matter what you focus on whether it be sports, weddings, or family photography it always seems that some great opportunity show up on your door. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting Sonic Boom(one of my favourite events and things in life; music), was part of the Ross Sheppard foundation, and been asked to be part of fashion week. Great opportunities, with great people.

Con– opportunities arise for everyone. So like I mentioned before, following other photographers work might not always be a good thing. You get to see how successful they are being, and what opportunities come up for them that didn’t you. You need to stop looking at their work. Its about what YOU are doing, not what other photographers are doing (easier said than done, trust me I know)

Con– word of mouth is huge in this industry. You need to be very careful who you network with and who you socialise with.

Pro-word of mouth is huge in this industry. Networking with other photographers and building great relationships with your clients will speak for themselves. Words sell!!!

Con– there will be times that you have creative ruts. Its okay, take a breather and refresh.

Con– long sleepless nights. There will be lots of them, make sure to get some rest. Just a tip though, make sure you are looking at the flow of your work and utilising your time wisely.

Pro– long sleepless nights. Must be doing something right if you don’t have enough hours in the day!

Con– photography can take up a ton of time. Make sure that this doesn’t affect the personal relationships in your life. When my fiancé looks at the back of my head sitting at my computer more than my face, I know its time for a break

Con– if you are a wedding photographer, your weekends during the summer are pretty much booked. Suggestion; have a second shooter, gives you company for those long days.

Pro– down time in the winter. Last winter I worked non-stop, this winter I took a lot of time to myself. It was great!!!

Con– someone out there is always going to want you to fail

Pro-someone out there is always going to want you to fail. If people are bashing you, it means they took the time to notice. Let them waste their time, lift your head and remember, who cares what they have to say. And if they’re talking, it’s a good thing!

Con– the public aspect, your bound to be copied

Pro– the public aspect, you are bound to be copied. Again, you must be doing something right

So I’m sure you noticed a trend here. With the cons you can usually flip it into a positive. I am a strong believer that if you think positive, things will be positive. I also believe that some things are easier said than done. So with that being said, I hope this list can help some of you on those days where you are struggling. Remember, flip it into a positive, pay attention to what you are doing, and always…always remember…that if people are talking…good on ya, you gave em a reason to talk!!!


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